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JOMEC offers a full spectrum of treatment services to each client based on his or her individual needs assessed through comprehensive evaluations at admission and throughout his/her stay in the program.


Our 30 days residential intensive program offers:-

  • Detoxification: It is the highest level of care that involves monitoring of the withdrawal process so the body can safely heal from chemical dependency. At JOMEC it is usually done in two ways;-
  1. Organic detox method that entails staying without the drug of choice and taking a balanced diet and a lot of water. If the client experiences withdrawal symptoms then;
  2. The medically assisted detox is initiated.
  • Psychiatrist intervention: JOMEC also offers psychiatric intervention in cases where it deems fit. We provide professional care, practical experience and understanding for those clients with comorbid mental health issues.
  • Psychotherapy (Individual & Group) Program: clients who have been cleared and whose withdrawal symptoms have stabilized are assigned a Primary Counsellor who works closely with a supportive multidisciplinary treatment team. This program includes daily research-based education, recovery oriented challenge and therapeutic groups and periodical one-on-one counselling sessions.
  • Pharmacotherapy Program: involves an operation characterized by insertion of Naltrexone Implant using its carrier to gradually be absorbed by the body.
  • Empowerment Program: We help our patients identify their key strengths and means of converting it to help in self-sustenance. We also aim to provide internships to individuals wishing to horn their experience in the relevant fields.
  • Outpatient Program (OP): Our OP allows the client to attend onsite individual and/or group therapy for a structured period of one year. We also look forward to opening our doors to the general public to get treatment from the center for other diseases not related to drug addiction.