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“I personally believe this: We have only today; yesterday’s gone and tomorrow is uncertain. That’s why they call it the present. And sobriety really is a gift… for those who are willing to receive it.”

Research and reports by WHO have proved that alcohol tops in the list of poisonous and killer substances followed by heroin and cocaine. To many this doesn’t sound true but it is a fact. In many instances alcohol is mainly used to control population(drastic reduction of reproduction by rendering men infertile and actual killing of human beings) as well as to destroy human brains to make them unproductive economically.jomec director

The architects of this strategy in Kenya to some extent succeeded but only until I rose and made the world aware that there is a serious problem in Kenya. In Central Kenya alone and part of Rift valley starting with Nakuru alcohol has killed three times the number of people who have died through acts of terrorism in the whole world. When I made this well researched revelations the then Chairman of NACADA, the 11th Parliament allocated and released Ksh. 90 Million for Mututho law enforcement and rehabilitation programmes. The cartels who control the drug and illicit alcohol industry, illegal importers of methanol used millions of their blood cash to ensure rehabilitation never succeeded in Kenya as that would disturb their market. So they financed the wrangles that ruled Nacada Board. Up to to this hour no one knows what the Nacada Management without approval by my board did with the 90 million. However the former CEO is in court over corruption.

As I always say I AM UNIQUELY JOHN MUTUTHO. Once I set my mind on a Social Transformation Agenda, I never say die until I crack the nut open!!. No one and nothing stands in my way.  That’s how I conceived the JOMEC(JOHN MUTUTHO EMPOWERMENT CENTRE). Idea. Atleast here I don’t need anyone to approve a desperate addict’s treatment except the patients themselves agreeing to be liberated. This is the only Rehab and empowerment centre in Africa treating an average of 100 patients per month and 98% successful recovery. I could not sit back with all the knowledge that I have about alcohol and drugs abuse, to watch the population of Kenya swept to the graves. This is the strategy that was used by the British to extinct the original inhabitants of Australia, the Aborigines (who were blacks) Now Australia is inhabited by whites. Great people of Nakuru Lets take the war on alcohol and drugs seriously.

Hon John M.N Mututho, EBS. – Founder JOMEC