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Welcome to John Mututho Empowerment centre (JOMEC) – a place for peace and recovery from substance abuse. Here at JOMEC we provide a safe haven and respite where anyone who has endured trying times as a victim of drugs and alcohol can get help that they need.

JOMEC is a Nursing Home established under the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act (cap 253) and licensed to operate as a private medical institution. We are also accredited by NHIF. Our mission is informed by scientific evidence that alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictive disorders are treatable illnesses. It is the nations’ largest and the second largest rehabilitation centre in Africa as measured by enrolment, structure and services provided.

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Why are JOMEC Services Superior?

During assessment we shun the assumption one shoes size fits all. Therefore we administer a comprehensive screening and assessment process that helps us to understand nature and cause of the presenting problems. Subsequently, an individualized treatment plan (I.T.P) is prepared for our clients

Client Screening

A process where standardized screening questionnaires are administered to ascertain or rule out existence of a mental health problem. Screening guides the course of treatment i.e. whether to commence counseling or refer to other agencies.

Client Assessment

This is a process of testing where the client is asked a set of questions to arrive at a diagnosis that guides the treatment process, This is carried out by a team of professionals who involve the client through the process so that its client centered.

Client Treatment

A holistic bio-psychosocial spiritual and cultural approach is used to help the client deal with identified problems. A treatment alliance is formed between the client, family and care provider and evidence based modalities are used.

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